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Mary Jane's Cafe

About us

Founded in 2000, Mary Jane's Café is known for bringing love and comfort to the dining experience. We take pride in our ability to bring homestyle meals to the Warrensburg area. Join us.

Our story like all good stories is a love story. On March 31st 1956, when William (Bill) Harper married Mary Jane Zellmer. They built a loving family, having five children, Barbara, Gwendolyn, Kimberly, Wayne and Belinda. The foundation of their life was that family is everything. Tragedy hit the Harper family in 1995 when Mary lost her battle with cancer. She passed at the age of 57. Mary's life and love would live on through her family.

After her passing, Bill made it his mission to fulfill one of Mary's biggest dreams of owning a diner. In her memory, Bill opened Mary Jane's Cafe on September 2nd, 2000. Bill knew it would take the help from family to operate this restaurant. He brought his daughter Gwendolyn and her husband Wilfredo (Winky) from Independence to Warrensburg to help him operate Mary Jane's Cafe.Winky's extensive restaurant experience and Gwendolyn's commitment to her family have allowed Mary Jane's to grow.

In 2005 Bill Harper passed at the age of 69. His hard work and dedication to his family would continue on. Mary Jane's Cafe was in the original location on North Charles St. for seven years and then moved to its current location on South Maguire St. for the last thirteen years.

Through the years Mary Jane's Cafe has continued the foundation that family is everything. It has been non-stop hard work and commitment from family to make Mary Jane's Cafe grow and thrive. The Warrensburg Community has become our family. Without God and family, we wouldn't be here today. Everyone here at Mary Jane's Cafe thanks you all for your continued support.